Registration Instruction

Please choose the correct category before you finish the registration.

**Please pay in cash (USD) if you want to register onsite. The onsite registration is only applicable for listeners and those who submitted abstract (presentation only).
**If you fail to complete the payment, please feel free to contact Ms. Kate Hou via for assistance. 

SNo Category Registration Fee Onsite Registration(By Cash)
1 Author(Student) 450 USD --
2 Author(Regular) 500 USD --
3 Author (Reviewer) 450 USD --
4 Presenter Only 350 USD 400 USD
5 Listener 300 USD 350 USD
6 Additional Paper(s) 350 USD --
7 Additional Page (s) 50 USD --
8 City Visit 60 USD 80 USD
Important Points
  1. The official language is English for paper writing and presentation.

  2. Each paper must be no more than 8 pages (including the abstract, figures, tables, and references). Extra pages will be charged $50 (US dollars) per extra page.

  3. At least one of the authors listed on the accepted paper must pay the registration by the requested registration deadline.

  4. The student price is only applicable to the First auhtor who is a full-time student currently. A student claiming for student registration must submit: a scanned copy of the students' ID card or a verification letter of the students' full-time status from the department head of the students' current institution or the students' supervisor. Current school year has to be included and clearly stated in the document. Student registrations are not applicable to postdoctoral fellows.

  5. For the authors who have difficulties to pay US Dollars, such as Iran, please pay Euros.

  6. If you would like to register the conference and publish your paper as the reviewer, please send email to

  7. For those listeners, who do not need to submit a paper or an abstract to the conference, we advise you to finish registration online. (Click)

  8. The Payment registration fee includes: for author-Conference Accessories; Participation in the technical program; Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Dinner on Feb. 26, 2020; Publication fee for full paper; Presentation onsite; for Presenter only-Conference Accessories; Participation in the technical program; Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Dinner on Feb. 26, 2020; Presentation onsite; for listeners-Conference Accessories; Participation in the technical program; Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Dinner on Feb. 26.

Cancellation & Refund

Full refund if canceled before February 15, 2020. After February 15, 2020 but before February 25, 2020, 30% cancellation fee charged; if canceled on or after the conference starting date, No refunds applicable.

Legal Disclaimer Notice

To ensure that the meeting is carried out smoothly and efficiently in a safe environment, we make the following disclaimers:

First, the participants must wear the conference name tag to enter the conference areas during the entire conference. Individuals not wearing it will not be denied entry. Participants are not allowed to bring their associates or families into the conference areas. If you wish to bring someone, please inform the conference person in charge in advance to obtain a special name tag for whatever event like presentations, breaks or meals.

Second, participants should confirm that they have good physical, mental and psychological preparation to participate in the event. If the participant is under 18 years old, he or she must be accompanied by his or her legal guardian. The conference organizer and associations will not responsible for their safety.

Third, all legal responsibilities and liabilities arising directly or indirectly from participants’ activities during the event shall be borne by the participants themselves.

Fourth, the conference area is public, so participants should take care of their belongings at all times. All losses related to personal property will not be the responsibility of the event organizers and associations.